B’day on 24th Dec. but got my B’day today!

My B’day is on 24th December but I got my B’day card from Cartoon Network today.

CN Birthday Blast card - 1

CN Birthday Blast card - 2

CN Birthday Blast card - 3

CN Birthday Blast card - 4

You can see the snaps of the card above … and if you want to see it in detial, check one of my sets in Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/rishimac/sets/72157594527531550/ .



Geek’s room!

My desk

This is what I call a geek’s room! FULL OF STUFFS!


Invisible Man?


I found this image on 3dIndia where they report that photograph above taken with 2 Kodak KB10 camera … friends posing with invisible man at Borivalli National Park in Mumbai [ India ].

I can see a hat there which supposed to be on the head of that invisible guy. And on a part it really seems like someone is there …. NAA!

Is there any real invisible man out there or just a trick?


Scored my century!

Today [ 5th Feb ’07 ] I wrote my 100th post and completed a century on my technology blog at www.rishiraj.info and I’m very happy!

Now I know that its silly to advertise and publicizing it but dude I AM HAPPY! 😀

The lucky Wink post was http://www.rishiraj.info/2007/02/05/cooler-master-heatsink-gemin-ii/ !

Now PLZ give me your tips and suggestions as I’m very young to this blogging world.

Now thanks!

Salaam-E-Ishq !

Yesterday I saw the movie Salaam-E-Ishq with some of my friends. Now let me conclude very first that it was a good movie and bad too.

The first half of the movie … we enjoyed a lot as it was full of comedy and drama but then all went wrong for ME. The movie was tooo boring afterwards. My friends enjoyed it but me … UOWOW!



I pointed out some mistakes in the film from which the blowing one was WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER OF A MACBOOK … what a shit!

But then also, I can say that it was a good and family movie … the jodis {Pairs} were perfect and COOL! 😉

How you liked the movie? Tell me about it dude/Dudellete!

Beware of the joke police!

Haha! Dont prank SILLY jokes otherwise Joke Police will come and catch you… 😛 !

Can’t see the video, see it here…


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